Staff Officers

The flotilla staff is made up of dedicated volunteers who oversee our administrative, operational, and educational missions. If you see a vacancy among the staff officer positions that you would be interested in, or if you want to serve as an assistant to any of the occupied positions, please contact the flotilla commander or vice commander.

Flotilla Commander
William P. Cummings

Vice Commander
Karen Beehm

Communications Officer
David P. Troutman

Communications Services Officer
Robert B. Campbell

Finance Officer
Melaine H. Paatz

Information Services Officer
William P. Cummings

Materials Officer
Robert J. Newton

Marine Safety & Environmental
Protection Officer

William P. Cummings
Member Training Officer
Thomas W. Paatz

Operations Officer
Karen Beehm

Public Affairs Officer
Robert G. Stronach

Recreational Boating Safety (RBS)
Visitor Program Officer

Nancy A. Troutman

Secretary/Records Officer
Bonita L. Stilwell

Vessel Examination Officer
& Diversity Officer

Bonita L. Stilwell

Aids to Navigation Officer
Personnel Services Officer
Public Education Officer