Aux Food Service

Auxiliarist at the Helm

Join. Train. Serve.

The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary is one of the most engaged volunteer forces in the nation. As a member of the Auxiliary, you serve the U.S. Coast Guard and the public:
• patrolling the waterways,
• responding to boaters in distress,
• conducting search and rescue operations,
• promoting and teaching boating safety,
• offering free vessel exams.
And now, through the Auxiliary Food Service program (formerly called AUXCHEF), you have the opportunity to volunteer for short tours at a Coast Guard Station, on a Coast Guard Cutter, and at VIP events.

Learn the culinary arts, serve the Coast Guard

Preparing gourmet meal in the galleyThe Coast Guard offers members of the Auxiliary an array of courses and training in such things as seamanship, navigation, mapping, meteorology, search and rescue, boating education.

And now, for those who would like to learn the culinary arts and use those food service skills to directly support the active duty Coast Guard, there is the Auxiliary Food Service (AUXFS) program.

Earn the AUXFS Certificate

After completing initial training and meeting a series of standards, students are awarded the Auxiliary food service specialist certificate and become eligible to volunteer in Coast Guard galleys. Plus, annual and bi-annual follow-up training allow them to remain qualified and advance their skills.

What’s the training?


• 20-22 hours of classroom and hands-on training.
• completing a series of personal qualification standards (PQS).
• annual sanitation training.
• bi-annual Team Coordination Training (TCT).
• advanced training opportunities.

Auxilliary chef serves meal

What is you impact
as an AUXFS?


You enhance the Coast Guard’s mission readiness and execution.

You relieve unit Food Service Specialists for other tasks and training.

You improve the morale and well-being of Coast Guard men and women.

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