Sunday, November 19, 2017

Conroy, Kimber to lead Flotilla 2-6

John Conroy
On November 8th Flotilla 2-6 members voted to elect John Conroy and Mark Kimber as the new Flotilla Commander and Flotilla Vice Commander, respectively.

Conroy and Kimber replace outgoing Commander Bill Cummings and Vice Commander Karen Beehm, whose terms of office end this year.

John Conroy
Newly elected Flotilla Commander John Conroy, seen during a 2013 Search and Rescue Exercise at Base 2-6.

"It has been my honor to have served as Flotilla Commander these last two years," Cummings said. "The role of Flotilla Commander is sometimes difficult, but working with members of our team is always a rewarding experience. I will continue in the future to help mentor our new members and to promote the outstanding work of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary. Semper Paratus."

"I think that John will do a great job as Flotilla Commander," added Beehm.  "I look forward to a safe and productive year."

Bill Cummings
Outgoing Flotilla 2-6 Commander Bill Cummings
Conroy, from Cazenovia, holds certifications as a Coxswain, Instructor, Personal Watercraft Operator, and Vessel Examiner. He has been an Auxiliarist since 2002.

Kimber, of Williamstown, has been an Auxiliarist for six years, and is certified as a Boat Crew Crewmember.  Previously, Kimber served as Staff Officer for Staff Records (FSO-SR) and Vice Commander (VFC) with Flotilla 2-14.

"My goal as VFC is a simple one," Kimber noted. "[To] support and carry out the directives of the Flotilla Commander and support our members--especially helping our newer members find their 'niche' within the Auxiliary."